Projecting the essence of your company’s proposition is key to building real business value. 


We have been working with Right Angle Communications, now known as STRATEGIC MOVES, since 2004. Viswa has coached all our senior management members, including our CEO David Conner, on the importance and techniques of creating impactful impressions on our stakeholders, especially the media. Our appointed spokespersons have also benefited from his media training sessions, with most, if not all of them, returning more confident of communicating their messages with greater clarity and conviction.

I have personally worked with Viswa on several strategic initiatives and he never fails to offer useful insights and practical advice. My Corporate communications team and I have benefited from on-going and specific training sessions with him as he often goes beyond the call of duty.

Ms Koh Ching Ching
Head, Group Corporate Communications

You are the head of a statutory board. After a press conference, announcing a new policy, a reporter thrusts a microphone at you for a comment. Are you ready with a soundbite?

As Executive Director of a global technology company, you are a panelist on a live radio forum featuring other industry captains. Will you match up? Will you get your message across?

Projecting the essence of your company’s proposition is key to building real business value. These are the vital facts that don’t need packaging, embellishment or artificial elevation but intelligent, honest and effective articulation. We provide the tools. So you get your message understood, accepted and put into action. Fast. 

Whether it’s print, broadcast or social media, today’s corporations need a strong reflex where key decision makers, and not just a ‘spokesperson’ are trained and empowered to speak to the media instantly.

And because practice may not always make perfect, but nothing else gets you close, our core pedagogy features rigorous role-play and practical training, calibrated at the intensity and exclusivity that you need.

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Photo Credit | U@Live NUS