Listen. Engage. Respond. 

Our flagship crisis programME isn’t for the faint-hearted.


Insightful and useful. Viswa distils complex communication strategies into practical approaches that we can readily adopt during a crisis. Through case studies shared, we’ve become aware of potential blind spots and learnt how to deal with them.

Most of all, he helped us develop stronger instincts for handling crises, which will prove crucial when we respond to the next crisis as a leadership team.

Mr Chew Men Leong
Former Chief Executive,
PUB - Singapore's National Water Agency

Ground your understanding of crisis dynamics, anticipate potential crisis points and test optimal communications strategies for navigating the storm. 

Our actionable 5-step toolkit equips you with the critical skills of anticipatory logic, diagnosis, prognosis, action plan and evaluation.

Tailored simulation exercises challenge your crisis management team, company spokespersons and field managers to respond to internal and external stimuli in a real-time, intense, evolving crisis situation that changes as new elements are injected for greater realism.

And because only the truly brave or truly foolish will claim that an organisation's leader can successfully and single-handedly guide the daily actions of thousands of employees, our focus is helping your enterprise develop a collective organisational response to a potential crisis.

And just how do we go about doing this? 

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