Inconvenient Questions


Hello, I am Viswa Sadasivan, CEO of Strategic Moves.

In January of 2015, I launched IQ, a socio-political site with a clear mission: to promote a brand of online discourse that is robust and honest, yet reasoned and reasonable.  We were determined to demonstrate that rigorous debate need not be sharply adversarial in tone.  The idea was to make it more conducive for the “middle ground” viewers to move from being mere observers to active participants.  We also made the unconventional decision to have video content take centre-stage in IQ.  Apart from wanting to better capture the emotions in arguments, a key motivation was to demonstrate that enough Singaporeans are prepared to move away from anonymity and speak their mind on camera.

IQ has had to cease operations on the 4th of June 2016, as we were not successful in raising sufficient funds to sustain operations, going forward.

In its 15 month run, I would say that IQ accomplished much of its mission: 20 live studio on-camera discussions on issues of interest with more than 700 people participating as audience members and panellists; 22 one-on-one on-camera “HitList” interviews; 2 special on-camera “Scoop” interviews with Dr Chee Soon Juan during the 2015 General Election, and with the MD of Asia Pulp and Paper, Aida Greenbury; and several compelling text-based articles by the team and external contributors.

As I walked the final mile, I tell myself that it is not how long the journey is but how meaningful it has been.  The biggest satisfaction for my IQ team members and I comes not so much from posting compelling content.  It is in knowing there are enough likeminded Singaporeans who were prepared to walk with us in the shared belief that if we want change for the better we need to step forward, speak up and where necessary speak out – and not pass the buck.  I believe that together, we made a difference.  Thank you.

Viswa Sadasivan

Founder & Editor-in-Chief, IQ



Upon announcing the closure of IQ, we received – via Facebook, email and WhatsApp – an overwhelming number of heart-warming messages from many of you who had been supporting and following our content.

Many of you requested that we find a way to archive the video content so that you might be able to access them at leisure after the closure of IQ.  In response to this, we proceeded to archive all IQ video content on YouTube in a systematic way.

To make it easy for you to locate and access the 20 debateIQs and 22 HitList interviews, as well as the 2 special “Scoop” interviews – we have created this space on the Strategic Moves website, on a permanent basis. 

View the videos by clicking on, debateIQHitList, and Special Interviews.