Build, Deepen,
Listen. Engage.

Why bother?


This is certainly a class that civil servants (mid-high levels) should attend. Beyond facilitation skills, this course has created a lot of awareness on the sensitive issues and sensibilities to what engaging the public means.

Director-Level Participant,
Ministry of Manpower

The ground is shifting, that’s why. And organisations that are swift to sense and respond to these shifts are the ones that stay relevant.

Current sociopolitical realities means there is growing expectation on the public sector to engage stakeholders and the public at large on policies and programmes. Meaningfully, being the operative word.

You can expect each engagement to be scrutinised and assessed – not always fairly – on the ground.

But what determines whether you achieve the desired outcome is not how many engagement exercises you conduct but whether you do it right. Meaningful engagement is as much about process as it is about outcome. Constancy without consistency leads to confusion.

Our hands-on programme maps out the rules of engagement. We provide you with tools to engage the ground effectively, covering all three critical aspects: Planning, Execution. Evaluation.

We’ll review strategies, tactics, pitfalls and potentials of public policy engagement around realistic scenario-based exercises designed to mirror the real-life engagement opportunities you are likely to face. 

As they say, do it right. Or don’t do it at all.


Civil Society.

Partnerships between the three are today pivotal to driving very sustainable development. Stakeholder engagement is no longer optional, if you are a business who wishes to stay in business.

Forget the tick box approach. Mass surveys and random roundtable meetings won’t cut it.

We take a practical issues-based approach, and work with you to anticipate and prepare for the potential in stakeholder dialogues at an early stage with a view to shared value creation.

What does this all mean?

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