Meet Our Team.

Teams don't work without teamwork. And good teamwork creates synergy.
Here at Strategic Moves, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Viswa Sadasivan

To put it shortly, Viswa is a patriot. He believes in serving his country until his “knees buckle” – something he takes perhaps a little too literally. His knees have indeed started to buckle! He stepped down from active National Service in March 2018, after being an NSman with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) for 40 years. 

A former anchor of news and current affairs programmes such as Talking Point and Today in Parliament, Viswa thrived on asking inconvenient – oftentimes provocative – questions while sharing insights about Singapore society. His aim: to “lift the thinking”. 25 years on, he has the same preoccupation. Except now, his audience has shifted from star-struck aunties to public and private sector leaders.

Clearly surpassing his other achievements, his proudest moment was when his daughter was born. Viswa strongly believes in pursuing a healthy work-life balance, although his work ethic never leaves him. Going for every ball in tennis – twice a week for two decades – he’s had some sobering lessons on ageing! It has forced him to explore other options, such as swimming and cycling, while playing tennis age-appropriately. 

Viswa graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (Political Science) degree. He also holds a Master in Public Administration degree from the Kennedy School of Government and Administration, Harvard University.


general manager

Jenny has been with Strategic Moves for more than a decade. She is responsible for general office management and all administrative functions. Essentially, she oversees the smooth running of operations in the company; from orientating new members of the team to managing the company’s finances and the CEO’s busy schedule. There is no doubt that Jenny forms the backbone of the company.

When Jenny is not busy being well-versed on all office-related processes and procedures, she enjoys watching musical plays and, of course, sipping on a great cup of coffee.


MaxEnce Mely
SEnior consultant

His proficiency in Singlish is just the tip of the iceberg. Educated in Paris, Maxence has been in touch with Singapore for almost 10 years. He is all about policy and politics – from his days as a student leader to his current work as a consultant. He has become a passionate observer of our cultural and political idiosyncrasies. His views, conservative elsewhere, make him seem like a maverick here.

Back in Europe, he served for 5 years in the fields of Public and Government Relations. He also loves to delve into complex business and regulatory issues. 

He holds a B.A. and a Master’s degree in Public Affairs from Sciences Po Paris – and has two wonderful children.



Daniel desires to make the world a better place. He actually thinks he can do it. But he knows he can’t do it alone. He believes that continuous self-improvement in the company of great people and exposure to contrary perspectives is the way to go. His past experience volunteering as a pro-bono management consultant and trainer ignited his passion for the social sector. 

While generally reserved, speak to him about anything; religion, gender, or memes, and you will have your first impression of him changed.

Daniel holds a B.Soc.Sci (Hons) in Geography and a Minor in Religious Studies from National University of Singapore.